Liquid Titanium
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Kendall Motor Oil
We have a comprehensive product line. Kendall GT 1 synthetic blend and Super D products with Liquid Titanium™ for passenger car and heavy duty applications. Free Klas oil analysis on qualifying products will enhance maintenance practices.
Phillips 66
Phillips X/C Aviation for all types of piston aircraft engines. 5606 fluids for aircraft hydraulics applications and a complete line of the 2 cycle products offered by Phillips. Tropartic passenger car synthetic blend engine oils.
Union 76
76 Super Synthetic blend passenger car engine oils. Heavy Duty engine oils, gear oils, and greases.
Conoco Super All Season Synthetic blend passenger car engine oils. Heavy duty engine oils, gear oils, and greases.
TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc
A Europen manufacturer to help with the industrial and Europeon applications. Specializing in Europeon manufactured automobiles and industrial machinery. Providing us with availability of one of the most complete product lines in the business including engine, industrial oils, gear lubes, greases, rust inhibitors, cutting oils, windmill oils, and a complete line of Keystone lubricants.
Houghton coolants, rust inhibitors, and fire resistant fluids.
Economically appealing house brand of passenger car, heavy duty lubricants, hydraulic oils, and automotive gear lubricants. We are also stocking the National Brand in case goods and drums, Industrial gear oils, R&O, EP Gear Oils and SAE 30 in drums and cases for small engine applications.
Complete line of antifreeze, green, global, heavy duty with SCA’s, and heavy duty extended life.
Equipment rebuild service, Lubrication surveys, Hydraulic fluid management and filtration
Truck Wash, Parts Cleaner, Engine Degreaser, Floor cleaners
Pumps, reels, meters, tanks, totes, and tank packages
Sorbants, pads, socks, rolls, and granuals. Windshield Washer fluid
Total Kendal Motor Oil 76 Lubricants Phillips 66
Conoco Badger Lubricants